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Save Light, Water and Life also Save Power of Nation
LR Electro are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. They provide simple and lasting lighting solutions to the user. Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability put LR Electro LED lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market. Every LED Lights made by LR Electro LED is crafted to meet global standards. LR Electro lights not only have the right technology, they also perform with ease. They are developed specially to optimize their output, outshining many other lights in the market.

LR Electro lights are superior quality lights products, priced fairly, and offer 1 years warranty. LR Electro lights offer a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions, for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment. Their usage ranges from residential and retail to commercial and industrial applications. LR Electro Lights are fully integrated into the systematic structure of the overall lighting product range. This allows lighting designers the freedom to use LED lighting tools and seamlessly combine them with conventional products.


"Set the constant innovation as our key for achieving the ultimate goal of success and emerge as a global network by providing the superior quality services by products."


"Only One message one Aim. one step walk with us and use made in india. Save Lights Energy & Save power of nation. Even "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION."


Client Satisfaction,
People = Our Strength,
Quality Deliverable,
Constant Learning & Upgrades,
On time Delivery

Why Choose Us?
We provide simple and lasting lighting solutions. Advanced technology, energy efficiency, global standards of our products. we manufactor superior quality lights products, priced fairly, and warranted products.
Manufacture Resource
Hand maded Handicraft manufacturing, saficiant enery saving LED, and warrented spare part used products.